Here’s an excerpt from the “about” page from the website I worked with a team of colleagues to create this page to build awareness of… well, just read on, go to the page, and sign on if you’re a CI community value. And please share the URL as broadly as you are able, if you support our goals. I have more to say about how invigorating the creative process was/is, but another day…


Since November 8, 2016, we have struggled to understand how to place our commitment to evidence-, inclusion-, and justice-driven discourse in a social context that has begun to normalize dishonesty and exclusion. Since becoming president-elect, Trump’s political appointments and policy positions have begun to codify the racism, misogyny, and anti-evidence of his campaign and have led to our deep concern for the future of our nation. A number of very worrisome incidents on campus post-election crystallized the need for faculty to take a leadership role in creating meaningful dialogue as well as space for action. The recent public statement by faculty at MIT provided a clear view of how the professoriate should begin to carry out their responsibility to the public. We acknowledge their leadership and the inspiration their letter provided.

A small group of CI faculty wrote this open letter in the hopes of calling on the collective wisdom and voice of CI faculty, and to set forth a set of principles that we can act upon in an effort to enrich and expand the discourse in our classrooms, on our campus, and in our community. Julia Balén, Blake Gillespie, and Brad Monsma created and edited the letter, in consultation with many others. Brian Thoms created the website.


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